i'll try to make this perfectly clear. (avantguardian) wrote,
i'll try to make this perfectly clear.

'hold on', is what they say. but i say 'open up your arms and let it fly away...'

life gets a little lonlier when your sister leaves town. but it was a wonderful weekend, having her here felt so natural.

saturday night we went out to the rickshaw stop - normally the site of blatant scenester superficiality - for a literary reading. we barely caught michelle tea (the reason i was drawn) and then, because we had an open tab at the bar, we stuck around for a while. seeing gorgeous women in decorative saris got me curious. then, to our delight they got on stage for a demonstration, dance instruction and performance of the banghra (i think that's how you spell it) dance - a traditional indian folk dance. its a dance of celebration and cultivation of energy - coming from the field workers harnessing the power of the earth for the growth of crops. they taught us an 8part routine and then let us just go wild. the music was hot - traditional indian songs with a live, thugging drum mixed with modern hip-hop beats. we danced our asses off - non-stop-banghra. it was the best possible dance party to 'randomly' find ourselves in the mix of.

the bomb shelter hosted a successful party sunday night. alex and i housewarmed our new room arrangements. we set up our rooms so that the connecting doors could be opened creating a much larger chilling space for festivities. its hot. i'm loving just being in my room now. it finally has great lighting again too. i got a tribal 'happy birthday' song with tons of floor stomping and pounding. loved ones, strangers, and stranger lovers.

my actual birthday looked like something of my ideal 'regular day' - breakfast with the buds - alex, tony and erika at the pork store - a splif rolled with love - a walk in the neighborhood - revolution cafe running into old friends and sitting outside smoking cigarettes, drinking soy vanilla lattes and talking street-corner philosophy - community yoga class with skeeter - soy cheese pizza delivered for dinner and a movie with the crew + abigail - with phonecalls, love-texts, and cacti arriving throughout the day!

thank you everyone! i'm feeling everything, and i'm glad to be part of this world as i turn toward another year.

onward, peaceful warriors!
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