i'll try to make this perfectly clear. (avantguardian) wrote,
i'll try to make this perfectly clear.

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why do you turn & sheild your eyes?

Do I burn too brightly?

i always thought that i intimidated you a little, that you always had to prove yourself to me, while all i wanted was to inspire.

you flicker, you amaze me:

i catch these moments where i can see your entirety all at once. i look at you and i just know you; it; life. but it is definitly a flicker...and dimming

I want your eyes to tell me i'm your only fling:

i want to kiss the back of your ear; run my lips down your back, kiss that place where your fingers meet your hands; and your eyelids. i wanted to care for you and give to you infinitly.
the entire time, all i wanted was to feel important to you, that we had this reciprocal dynamic, but i felt like you didnt want to view me as important as i could be, in order to keep yourself protected and reserved.

oh, dont take my love lightly...for i mean every word:

for a while i had relationships where i would say things that i didnt mean, because i felt like my partner wanted to hear a particular thing. but i realized how unhealthy that was for all sides. and i really dont have time to play games, or pretend in a the way i feel that you are expecting me to act. maybe thats a little projection?)
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fuck its good to hear your voice