i'll try to make this perfectly clear. (avantguardian) wrote,
i'll try to make this perfectly clear.

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speaking in tongues...

the universe was in front of me and then i turned on the computer monitor and it vanished.
subtle reminders of my waking life.
molded by insecurities, personal interactions and visual icons.

im so scared i cant brreathe. these feelings were supposed to be tied away. far away from reincarnation. but when i look into your eyes my blood flows faster. my eyes flicker quicker. and my heart literally pumps harder.

and yet you are as still as a firestation pole before an emergency bell. an overcompensatory blockade. thoroughly unaffected by any disturbance outside yourself. how can you go home after a night like tonite? how can you walk out the door and not feel something. how can you look into my eyes and step back?

and how long can i hold back, waiting for you to tell me you feel something so that i dont feel alone.
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hey it's nikki...add the new lj name!