i'll try to make this perfectly clear. (avantguardian) wrote,
i'll try to make this perfectly clear.

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better than ever

looks like the storm has passed, and i made it through!
im feeling so much better.
i got my car back, it works, and it didnt cost me my first born.
and all around my spirits are way high again.

man, 2 weeks of being sick can really turn one's world upside down. i didnt really realize it til now, but i was starting to get really depressed.

i had such a fun night at kyles last night. me, him and eric hung out til like 4 a.m. drinking wine, and then kyle made me breakfast when we woke up. Plus I woke up and my cough sounded hollow, which is a very good sign.

today= cleaning apartment
catching up on schoolwork
dancing around my apartment in my underwear
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