i'll try to make this perfectly clear. (avantguardian) wrote,
i'll try to make this perfectly clear.

You seem so out of context.

for the first time yesterday, i was severely disillusioned with my boyfriend. and it was a sad moment. it didnt last for very long, but i kept thinking to myself that he was just completely full of shit. but i was probably just tired. because then we spent the rest of the night together and it was great. we spent an hour at the video store throwing down movies that the other hadnt seen. of course he's seen so many i havent seen. which is pretty much the epitome of that portion of our relationship. but anwyays, i wanted to see 'Charade' and miraculously, he hadnt seen it. old time audrey hepburn and carry grant cheezy spy-ish movie. it was awesome.

i love our late night talks where we wisper and fills holes in the silence just in time to catch me in this psudo-slumber state.

im supposed to call my warranty company today to try and get my vehicle fixed, but A. im worried that im gonna fuck it up, since so much of "the story" has be right
and B. i just dont even want to deal with it, i hate having a car sometimes, its so much hassle, and i can get by without one.

but at the same time, i did spent a butt-load of money on it. so i should get it fixed.

things with my roomates are weird now. i actually like the way things are, but i could see them not really liking it and getting pissy with me. how things are, are that i mostly am not home or am home in my room, with the door shut. its not that i want to shut them out, but yeah, actually i kinda do want to shut them out. i just want some space of my own. its not really personal. so, its nice for me, but i could see them thinking that i dont want them around or something.

last weekend i went to go see Waiting for Godot that this acting group at my school put on. it was pretty well done, the second act rocked. but it spawned good discussions with kyle and eric. i liked taking them who had never seen it before, it got some good perspectives for me to bounce off of.

ok this is way long. i miss you all.

who wants to hang out this weekend? im coming home saturday morning if all works out as planned.

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